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Managing Contractors and
the Associated Risks

Every organisation is responsible for classifying your workers for tax and super purposes. If you make an incorrect decision, you may face penalties. On 9 Feb 2022, the High Court handed down decisions in CFMMEU v Personnel Contracting [2022] HCA 1 and ZG Operations v Jamsek [2022] HCA 2, which impact ATO advice and guidance in relation to classifying workers. 

This session catered to how these recent changes impact the Australian Neighbourhood House sector.


Topics covered in the session:  

  • Determining whether your workers are an employee or contractor 

  • Superannuation obligations that may apply to certain contractors 

  • Where to find additional support


Brought to you by ANHCA, presented by NHV Assist and Salt Legal

You can watch the recording of the session here. (Passcode: #n15@Adl)

Access the presentation slides here.

If you have any follow-up questions contact Sonya from NHV Assist at

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