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Apply to Receive Tax Deductible Donations 

Donations are a fantastic way for local businesses, community members, and foundations to support the vital work of Neighbourhood and Community Houses and Centres (NCHC). Your generous contributions can fuel a variety of impactful activities and opportunities, and help to create a thriving, connected communities!

For your NCHC to be eligible to receive tax deductible donations ($20 or more) follow these steps: 

1. Fill out ANHCA's online donation application form

Please note that as a part of the form you will be required to provide the following documents:

- A copy of your constitution.

- A copy of your latest financial statement.

- A copy of your board or committee membership.


2. Fill out the online donation agreement form


A copy of your application form and the agreement will be automatically emailed to both you and ANHCA. Your application will go to the ANHCA Public Fund Committee for approval. We will contact with you to confirm your NCHC's eligibility to receive tax deductible donations. 

Once approved, if you have donors interested in supporting your NCHC, direct them to the donations webpage. They will need to fill out the online donation form and make a direct transfer to ANHCA's public fund.

Are NCHCs that receive donations using the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR expected to provide reports?
While a formal report is not required, we strongly encourage every Neighbourhood and Community Houses and Centres (NCHC) that receive donations through the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR to share photos and updates showcasing the impact of these contributions. Please email these to


By sharing your stories with the ANHCA team, you'll help us spread the word of this initiative to other NCHCs across Australia. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps NCHCs to support local communities.

Do you need support?

If you need assistance with the donation process, contact Jarrah at 0428 964 817 or


Share photos & updates showcasing the impact of donations

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