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About the Goal

The goal is to take urgent and necessary action to tackle climate change and its impacts. As greenhouse gas levels continue to climb, climate change is occurring at much higher rates than anticipated, and its effects are evident worldwide. By addressing climate change, we can build a sustain-able world for everyone.


We need to act now.


We are already seeing how climate change can exacerbate storms and disasters, and threats such as food and water scarcity. In Australia, we are seeing the impact of climate change, with longer droughts, worse fire seasons, and coral bleaching. Australians are extremely dependent on the climate for our economic growth, from tourism to farming and agricultural.

If climate change goes unchecked it will have devastating implications for not only us but the rest of the world. 

Why it Matters

Australia is experiencing longer and more extreme droughts

Australia has one of the highest per capita of carbon dioxide in the world


of the Great Barrier Reef is dead after 2016 bleaching

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres work to tackle climate action through incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday operations. 

Many of our houses and centres are the main community organisation operating in natural disasters, strengthening community resilience and providing much needed support. For example in the 2019/2020 fires, Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood House held regular community meetings to keep the people informed and offer support for those who had lost loved ones and homes. 

At a local, state and national level, to build community resilience for the recent fires, many houses and centres held a community morning tea or lunch to raise funds for the impacted houses/ centres. Together we raised over $10,000.

Our Targets
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