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About the Goal

Goal 15 aims to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss. Forests cover nearly 31 per cent of our planet’s land area. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat–forests sustain us. 

Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it underpins can also be the basis for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies as they can deliver benefits that will increase the resilience of people to the impacts of climate change.

Many people and cultures rely on the forests and nature for recreational and spiritual purposes, which further good health and well-being. 

Why it Matters

of the worlds poor are affected by land degradation

13 million

hectares of forests are being lost every year to desertification and deforestation

Nearly half

of Australia's forests have been cleared in the past 200 years

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres are working to towards improving life on land primarily through the implementation of several community gardens that use organic practices. These educate the community on sustainable gardening through what native plants to use, and through the use of organic pesticides and soil which reduce harmful run off. Other examples of services provided are:

  • Disaster relief

  • Food security

Our Targets
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