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About the Goal

Access to affordable and clean energy that is reliable supports all sectors and facilitates growth. In recent history, much of our energy has come from fossil fuels, such as coal, gas or oil, but burning carbon fuels produces large amounts of greenhouse gases which cause climate change, resulting in harmful impacts of the environment and people's well-being. 


Global usage of electricity is rising rapidly, and fossil fuels are not easily replenished. Moving to renewable energies such as wind, water and solar will ensure that everyone has access to energy long after fossil fuels have been depleted.  

Why it Matters
1 in 8

Australians cannot pay their electricity bill


of total energy consumption was from renewable sources in 2019

Top 10

Australia ranks in the top 10 for solar capacity

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Australia is plentiful is natural resources, with a high number of sun hours and plenty of space for wind farms, Australia can move towards creating sustainable energy. To reduce their carbon emissions, some of our houses/ centres have solar panels that power themselves.  


Other services that meet this goal include:

  • Disaster relief

  • Grant writing support

  • Reception for hub/ other services

  • Visitor/ tourist information

  • Community advocacy

Emerald Community House

ECH's recent total renovation of the old Emerald Bakehouse in the centre of Emerald is the first business site to operate totally of the grid as a community accessible space.

Our Targets
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