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ANHCA Members

There are over 1,000 Neighbourhood Houses and Centres across Australia, represented by six state peak bodies that make up the membership of ANHCA.

The shared vital elements of all houses and centres is that they provide a diverse and constantly evolving range of positive social, health, educational and economic outcomes for individuals, families and communities, particularly for those experiencing disadvantage.

Linkwest Logo 500px.jpg

Community Centres South Australia 

(08) 8371 4622 


Linkwest (WA) 

(08) 6164 9823 


Local Community Services Association (NSW)

(02) 9660 2044 


Peak Landscape Colour_Small.png

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania 

(03) 6228 6515 


Neighbourhood Houses Victoria

(03) 9602 1228 

Neighbourhood Centres Queensland

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