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About the Goal

This goal aims to ensure access to safe water and sanitation for all. With water scarcity impacting more than 40% of the worlds population, it is vital to conserve clean water wherever we can.

Australia is an extremely lucky country, but we often experience significant drought and a long fire season, accessible and fresh water is crucial to overcoming these natural disasters. 

Why it Matters

water storage levels are at 48 per cent of capacity down from 55% 

Most Australians have access to clean water & sanitation, however remote Indigenous communities struggle to meet water standards


of household water goes to waste

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres work towards meeting clean water and sanitation by employing grey water systems to flush toilets and water garden beds and the collection of rain water through innovative roof designs. 

We all rely on clean water and sanitation, by incorporating water saving and recycling  practices we ensure that more people have access to this vital resource.

Our Targets
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