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About the Goal

Goal 12 aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns to reduce environmental degradation. If we do not act to change our consumption and production patterns, we will cause irreversible dam-age to our environment. There are many aspects of consumption that with simple changes can have a big impact on society as a whole. For example, about one third of the food produced for human consumption each year is lost or wasted.


Not only with responsible consumption and production can we reduce our environmental impact but we can divert wasted resources to where they are needed most. By recycling and donating clothing we reduce the amount of water used to make garments and stop them going to landfill while simultaneously reducing poverty. 

Why it Matters
3 planets

In 2050, almost 3 planets are required to sustain current lifestyles.

$1 trillion

worth of food ends up in bins - one third of all food produced


of the worlds water is accessible and drinkable for people

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres work towards promoting responsible consumption and product through partnering with food saving companies such as Second Bite, to redistribute perfectly good food that would have gone to landfill to families in need. Some houses and centres also offer fix it services, where people can take broken items to be fixed by members of the House/ Centre, instead of buying a new item. By promoting responsible consumption and production we also minimise poverty within the community.  

Our Targets
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