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Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot (CRISP)















The Australian government has partnered with Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia (CRSA) in the design and delivery of a new Australian community sponsorship program for refugees, known as the ‘CRISP’ (Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot)

This program enables groups of everyday Australians (including those in regional communities) to welcome refugees into their local community from ‘day one’ of their Australian journey and provide them with practical resettlement and integration support, in line with other community sponsorship programs operating successfully around the world. If you are interested in learning more about the CRISP program or want to get involved, please visit the CRISP page on CRSA’s website

ANHCA’s role in the CRISP

ANHCA is CRSA’s primary fundraising partner in the delivery of the CRISP program. Through this partnership Community Supporter Groups (CSGs) involved in the CRISP can use the Shout for Good platform as a tool to raise funds they anticipate requiring when welcoming and supporting a refugee household through the CRISP program.


Using the ‘Shout for Good’ platform to raise funds for your CRISP Community Supporter Group (CSG) to participate in a Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia (CRSA) program is a convenient way to collect your group’s donations in one place and enables your Australian-based donors to make donations that are tax- deductible even if your group is not an incorporated entity or a registered charity. People who donate through this platform will be instantly issued with a tax-deductible receipt for donations of more than $2.

To use the platform for this purpose, CSGs can set up a fundraising page as a ‘Donor’ via Shout for Good and select Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) as the charity the funds they raise will be donated to. CSGs participating in the CRISP will be eligible to have any funds they have raised through this set up released as a grant to them by ANHCA. ANHCA will consult with CRSA to confirm a CSG’s participation in the CRISP prior to funds being released and CSG’s will also be required to comply with ANHCA’s Grant Terms & Conditions when spending the granted funds.

Learn more about ANHCA's partnership here.
To register for a fundraising page on Shout for Good platform sign up here

For more information please review our key documents:







For any questions about this process, please email or call 0428 964 817


humanKIND short film


In 2022 members of the Wonthaggi community came together to welcome a refugee family from Syria under the new CRISP community sponsorship program. humanKIND, a short film directed by Sal Balharrie, follows the group’s journey as they prepare for the Ali family’s arrival and welcome them into the local community. The film gives a clear and engaging snapshot into the life of a CRISP group.


CRSA and the filmmaker have made the 30-minute film available to community groups (with no charge) to give insight into the CRISP and grow the community sponsorship movement in Australia. If you’d like to show the film for a community event – perhaps a refugee fundraiser or an event to recruit members for a CRISP group – please get in touch:

Watch the full film here! (PASSWORD: humanKIND_launch_23)

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