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About the Goal

This goals aims to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work. Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create jobs for all and improve living standards. Having a job does not guarantee a decent living, with many people living below the poverty line despite having paid employment. 

Additionally, women and girls must have equal access to equal opportunities with men and boys for employment. 

Everyone benefits when people are more productive and are contributing to their countries economic growth. This process starts in youth, by providing young people with opportunities in education and training it ensures that young people have skills that match the labour market demands.

Why it Matters
7.1 %

The current unemployment rate in Australia


Average growth rate in Australian between 2014 - 2018


of Australians graduate from high school

Localising the SDGs

A Community Led Approach to Global Issues​: Webinar 6


Andrew Leigh, Federal Shadow Minister

Matt Pfahlert, CEO of ACRE

Sophie Arnold, UNAA Victoria

Oona Ormsby, Northcliffe Family and Community Centre

Ramona Barry, The Bridge Daredin 

Hosted By

Nicole Battle, President of ANHCA

What Neighbourhood Houses & Centres are doing

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres work towards achieving this goal at a community level by providing services that enable people to access services and gain employment.

For example our Houses/ Centres offer;

  • Resume services

  • Employment services

  • Child care

  • Centrelink

Our Targets
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