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Constitutions, DGR and The ACNC
There are changes coming to not-for-profit (NFP) eligibility and tax exemptions.

We strongly recommend you take the time to consider your organisation's purpose and activities against specific requirements of an eligible income tax exempt entity before 1 July 2024.

Read more about the changes

If the purpose of your Neighbourhood House does not match the definitions of NFP correctly, they may decide that the organisation does not meet requirements and you could be at risk of losing the tax exemption/NFP status. 

We have a number of available supports to help you navigate these changes or gaining NFP and DGR status:


Community of Practice

Cameron hosts a session on Constitutions, DGR and The ACNC every Friday at 11:30am AEDT during until the changes come into effect 1 July 2024. You do not need to make an appointment, these sessions are casual workshops on a drop-in basis. Cameron will tailor the information to the attendants, so recordings are not available. 

Register for the 2024 Community of Practice here

Registering will give you access to the Zoom link and allow you to save it to your calendar. This link is used for all 2024 meetings, so you only need to register once. 


Charity/NFP Assessment Tool

This Charity/NFP Assessment tool is designed to introduce updated requirements and regulations that are critical for gaining and/or maintaining income tax exemption status for not-for-profits and charities. It will guide you through an initial review of your constitution and provide direction for the next steps required. Deakin University, through its Law School, has developed this survey tool.


Your responses will be received by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic), which will be working on behalf of the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA).

Access the tool here

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