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  • National sector lays out its Federal election priorities

    For the upcoming Federal election, climate change is the leading issue for people who participate, work or volunteer at Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres across Australia, according to a recent poll. In March, the national peak body Australian Neighourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) conducted a poll, asking for people to choose their top 5 priorities from a list of national issues. The aim of this quick survey was to understand the pressing national issues for people in our communities, heading into this election which takes place exactly one month away on 21 May. ANHCA President, Nicole Battle said, “This year, ANHCA is harnessing its nation-wide collective voice to bring attention to the issues that matter to our communities. With over 1,000 Neighbourhood Houses across Australia, and 400,000 visits occurring to them every week, we represent a massive footprint that should not be ignored.” In the two weeks the survey was conducted, the poll received 1,388 responses. This included participants across 470 postcodes and impressively, includes representation of 122 of the 151 federal electorates. The top 5 issues were consistent across every state. These were, in order of priority: Climate Change Housing and Homelessness Cost of Living Health Services and Infrastructure Loneliness, Social Isolation and Mental Health “I am not surprised by the top 5 priorities, but it's encouraging to see the sector on the same page right across the country," Nicole said. "I am particularly proud to see Climate Change as the number one issue – the future of our planet is not something that should be gambled with, and we’re seeing many Neighbourhood and Community Houses take a proactive approach at a grassroots level to make their operations more sustainable. But really, meaningful commitment needs to come from the top. After such extreme weather disasters over the last three years, Australians have had enough of the climate denial. “The impacts of COVID on the cost of living, homelessness, health services and mental health should come as no surprise – we see them first hand every day. "All these are interconnected issues. When living is too expensive, mental health suffers. When you’re struggling to pay the rent or put a roof over your head, mental health suffers. When you’re isolated, and locked down for months on end, of course, mental health suffers. Neighbourhood and Community Houses have a key role to play in social recovery, but there’s only so much we can do with limited resources. We need all levels of government to come to the table so we can support our communities.” Read the report A snapshot report is available detailing the results of the poll.

  • Annual Report Released!

    We have now published our 2020 - 2021 Annual Report. What a year its been! Read all about it here.

  • Victorian houses are delivering Power Saving Bonus outreach program

    NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. Community members experiencing financial stress can apply for the State Government’s Power Saving Bonus with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria. Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic) has partnered with Good Shepherd to assist all eligible individuals in receiving the one-off $250 payment. Applications for the Power Saving Bonus are made online, however many people in our communities either lack access to devices or internet, or lack confidence and skills in using technology. Recognising this, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning partnered with Victorian houses to ensure no one gets left behind. Victorian houses across the state are helping people complete their Power Saving Bonus application. NHVic CEO, Nicole Battle, said "Being such grassroots organisations, they [the houses] are best positioned to reach people within their communities who already come to them for other support services such as food relief, job seeking support, digital literacy programs and Centrelink assistance.” Victorian houses have now processed over 1,000 applications, assisting vulnerable community members in receiving over $250,000 to financial assistance. Often when programs are launched, houses and centres across Australia typically must either must absorb the cost or not offer the service due to already over-stretched staffing and small budgets. However, to assist in the admin costs, all participating organisations receive $400 up-front and then $10 for every PSB application they process from the department. This is a much welcome alternative, and means that houses are getting the recognition they deserved for their invaluable work. The Power Saving Bonus provides eligible Victorians with a one-off $250 payment, to assist households with the cost of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. To be eligible, applicants must hold a pensioner concession card or receive JobSeeker, Austudy, Abstudy or Youth Allowance. If you are a Victorian resident and would like more information go to the Neighbourhood Houses Victoria website here

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  • Neighbourhood House Week | ANHCA

    Neighbourhood House Week Neighbourhood House Week, happening across Australia from 9 to 15 May 2022, is a nationwide initiative to celebrate the role of over 1,000 Neighbourhood and Community Houses and Centres. In New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia, it is referred to as Neighbourhood Centre Week, and in South Australia it is referred to as Community Centre Week. ​ This year's theme is 'Building resilience by bringing people together'. Resource Packs Different Resource Packs have been created for each state. Please ensure you choose the pack appropriate for your state as provided with the icons below.​​ ​ Note: the links will take you to Google Drive, where you can download a zipped folder containing the Resource Pack, see screenshot to the right for how to download this. New South Wales Queensland South Australia NSW Pack QLD Pack SA Pack Tasmania TAS Pack Victoria VIC Pack Western Australia WA Pack Included in the pack As well as a range of logos (PNG format) and state specific social media tiles, each pack contains the following resources, branded for Houses, Centres or Community Centres: I Love ... sign Give your members, guests, and event participants the opportunity to express why your House / Centre is important to them (PDF) . Email Signature Promote NHW 2022 through your emails. Editable Poster and Flyer Promote your NHW 2022 event using the A3 editable poster or A4 editable flyers (MS Word). NHW Poster Promote NHW 2022 using this generic A3 poster. Inviting elected officials to your Neighbourhood House Week Event Why invite your elected officials Tips to showcase your Centre Things to remember before and during the visit (PDF). Sample Invitation Elected Official Customise with your NHW 2022 event information (MS Word). ​ ​

  • Contact | Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association

    Contact We would love to hear from you! Contact Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) today. ​ Contact: Emily Harnett Email: Mobile: 0428 964 817 ​ Shop B41, Level 4/744 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008 03 9602 1228

  • Research | Australian Neighbour

    Research Publications Find research reports and publications on issues and topics of relevance to the neighbourhood and community houses and centres sector. List Title This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors. List Title This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors. List Title This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors. List Title This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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