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Public Fund Trustees

As is legally required of all public funds, a Committee, the majority of whom come under the ATO definition of ‘Responsible Persons’, administer the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR.


The people listed below are known as the ‘Public Fund Trustees’ or the ‘ANHCA sub-committee’ and are responsible for reviewing and approving the support of all project applications and the release of funds to ensure they will be used for the purposes they were granted for and for the benefit of the community. 


Current ANHCA Public Fund for DGR committee members:


Nicole Battle 

CEO NHVic and current President of ANHCA 


Jane Chilcott 

CEO of Linkwest and Vice President of ANHCA 


Michael Higgins 

Manager at Geeveston Community Centre Tasmania and current Treasurer of ANHCA 


Vanessa Meachen 

Public Fund for DGR Committee member  

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