COVID-19 Sector Response

Updated: May 28, 2020

“Last Monday we had 45 people come in, 30 of whom we hadn’t seen before, who were unable to get what they wanted in the supermarket.”

From the very start of this pandemic people have been turning to neighbourhood houses and centres for food relief when the supermarkets went bear, for connection when we couldn't leave our homes, and for assistance when many lost their jobs. Houses and centres have been there every step of the way.

Our houses and centres are at the forefront of the community, thinking of innovative ways to reach people when who needed help. Instead of a weekly lunch they are now dropping off food parcels are vulnerable communities members homes. They have continuously been offering support through food parcels, centrelink assistance, or even just a phone call. In these unprecedented times we see community coming together, to support one another.

With the winding down of the coronavirus outbreak in Australia, our houses and centres are slowly but surely opening back up and hopefully soon we can all share a cuppa not through a screen.