Bushfire Relief Fund Recipients

In November of 2019, communities across Queensland and NSW were devastated by catastrophic bushfires. Houses and centres in impacted areas worked tirelessly to provide services to people who had lost or were unable to access their homes. Once again, houses and centres demonstrated the crucial role we play in supporting our communities in times of crisis and in assisting our community in recovery during the aftermath of disaster.

To offer our solidarity, in the final week of November, Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres led a national campaign, encouraging houses and centres across Australia to host a fundraising events/ initiatives, to support communities impacted by the Queensland and New South Wales fires. In response to this our nation-wide sector came together to raise $10,000 in support of houses and centres in affected areas.

Thank you for your incredible work to strengthen community resilience and assist in recovery.

The centres that will receive these necessary funds are;

Uralla Neighbourhood Centre

Eden Community Access Centre

Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood Centre

Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre