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Applying for DGR Grant Funding

Some philanthropic trusts and corporations offer grants, but they require DGR status.

The ANHCA Public Fund for DGR enables Houses/ Centres to apply for these grants by submitting an application to the ANHCA Public Fund for DGR. 

Once you have found a grant that you would like to apply for that requires DGR status, follow these steps:  

  1. Contact Jarrah Kelly on 0428 964 817 or email to discuss your application.  

  2. Contact the grant maker to discuss your proposal and your intention to submit through ANHCA. 

  3. Download and fill in the ANHCA Grant Application form 

  4. Send your ANHCA grant application form with a copy of your constitution, your latest financial statement and a list of your current committee to  

  5. Your application is then sent through to the DGR committee as they need to approve all grant applications made. Once approved, you will receive a letter outlining approval so it can be submitted with your application.  


PLEASE allow two weeks before the closing date of your grant application for us to complete our process. 

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